Welcome to JoeGageHockey.com.

JoeGageHockey is an automated system for organizing and managing regularly scheduled ice hockey and other team games. I wrote it because it got to be too much of hassle to keep track of a zillion email addresses, invite players every week, make sure we have 2 goalies and enough skaters, keep track of the money and yada yada. Now, the system does all of that automatically, and I just print a roster on my way out the door to the game.

Then people started asking me if they could use the system for their games, and I started playing in a couple of other games. So now I've updated the system to be able to manage an unlimited number of games and individual players can be members of one or as many of those games as they are invited to. And it can do all the stuff that seems to be standard in the games I'm playing in, like allowing players to be either full-timers or subs, etc.

Since this isn't a commercial system, you'll need to email me if you're interested in hosting your game here. I don't charge anything (at least for as long as it's not costing me too much) but I don't promise 100% system uptime or 100% error-free automation. That said, the system has been running now since 2006 and it seems to work pretty well. Caveat emptor.

Keep yer head up and your stick down. See you on the ice.


joe AT joegagehockey.com

If you are experiencing problems with the system, please email an admin: joe AT joegagehockey.com or jack AT joegagehockey.com (or both if it's critical).

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